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If you are taking care of someone at home, helping an elderly neighbour who lives alone, or your loved one has just been discharged from hospital and requires continuing care, this website is for you. 
HealthNetCafe provides caregiving tips and advices, as well as information on a wide range of supporting services from voluntary welfare organisations and commercial companies in Singapore.  We are dedicated to delivering website information resources for family caregivers or any person who needs information pertaining to nursing care at home.  We hope you find this website informative and useful...
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Service Directory for Family Caregivers

Social Assistances:

List of services from voluntary welfare organisations  View

Home Nursing Services:

List of services from commercial companies  View

Other Home Attendants:

List of additional in-home support services from commercial companies  View

Nurse Agencies:

List of nurse agencies  View

Homecare Suppliers:

List of homecare product retailers  View



Nursing Manual

Access to various topics ranging from caregivers responsibilities to the fundamentals of day-to-day caregiving.  View



Specific Nursing Care

Learn various medical conditions and their home caregiving tips.  View



Caregiver Training Courses

Find out courses for family members or foreign domestic helpers to facilitate the caring of your loved one at home View



Gallery of Homecare Items

Find out what products are available in the market from this pictorial guide of homecare items and appliances.  View




A social initiative by HealthNetCafe to offer a platform free to organisations in Singapore to promote the artworks of their beneficiaries.



Buy your gifts, support the artworks from people with special needs in Singapore.  View




Calendar of Health Events

Check out for a list of  health events organised for the public in Singapore, including workshops, talks, and exhibitions.  View



Support Groups

Find someone you can talk with that understands what you are going through.  View



The Experts Say

Read articles on various health issues and learn to keep yourself healthy.  View



Insights of Caregiving

Be inspired by a collection of heartwarming stories and messages.  View



Stay Active Programmes

Join a programme to help you stay healthy and active.  View



Be a Volunteer

Check out from this list of organisations for volunteering opportunities in Singapore, either on a regular or ad-hoc basis.  View




Look up for explanation of terms, services, assistive schemes and health policies as they are used in Singapore.  View