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Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach


Table of Contents:



Anxiety Disorder


Back Pain


Mouth Ulcer


TCM Treatment for Vaginitis


Fluttering Heart - TCM’s Perspective


The Homology Between Medicine and Food


3 Reasons for Seeking TCM Treatment


ADHD Maybe Related to Allergic Rhinitis!


TCM Treatment for Mother & Baby


TCM in Cancer Treatment - Cervical Cancer


TCM Fertility Treatments for Females


TCM for Cervicogenic Dizziness


TCM Treatment for Eczema


Male Menopause


TCM Can Help Menstrual Irregularity During Menopause


TCM in Treating Menstrual Cramps


A Traditional Way to Lose Weight


TCM Treatment for Osteoarthritis


Depression and Physical Illness


Acupuncture for Stroke


TCM and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


TCM Treatment for Stroke


TCM Treatment for Bell’s Palsy


Thinking of Having a Baby? - TCM is Effective in Treating Infertility


Gastrointestinal System Determines Your Health


TCM for Natural Menopause Relief


How TCM Treat Eczema


Prevention of Chest Pain


Treatment for Arthritis Pain


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease


Cervical Spondylosis at a Younger Age - TCM Physician Appeals: Early Medical Treatment


Kidney Disease


Common Skin Diseases


Healthcare During Pregnancy






Middle and Old Age Healthcare


Common Childhood Ailments – Self-Medicating with TCM


Oriental Healing – TCM Approach to Cancer


A TCM Perspective on Female Cancer



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