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As reported by the Ministry of Health, Singapore’s population will age more rapidly in the next two decades. By the year 2030, one in five Singapore citizens will be above the age of 65.  As our population ages, we expect the number of people needing care and homecare assistance to increase significantly.
As home nursing care will become ever more crucial to the overall well-being of a typical Singapore family, our mission is to help towards customising high quality and yet cost effective nursing care.  The ideal goal is for every subject -- either an elderly or a dependent – to continue staying with their family in the comfort of their home.  We hope to promote family core values through this initiative, relegating institutionalisation to a measure of last resort.
Driven by this mission, we founded HealthNetCafe in 2008.  HealthNetCafe is a social enterprise dedicated to providing website information resources for family caregivers (and any person who needs caregiving information).

We believe that providing caregivers with comprehensive and quality information resources will assist them in taking better care of their loved ones and themselves.  By creating awareness of the available and emerging resources, we want to encourage and empower Singapore citizens (and residents) to take an active role in caring for their family members.
Through continual collaborative efforts with the various voluntary welfare organisations, healthcare institutions and business enterprises across Singapore, we have been able to create and maintain a meaningful resources platform for the community.
As a free content website, HealthNetCafe receives its funding primarily from sponsor advertisers.  We provide a unique advertising platform for organisations to promote their products and services to a large and highly targeted group, namely, the family caregivers in Singapore.  Please click here to learn more about our sponsor advertising programmes.

While we strive to continually make HealthNetCafe a one-stop resources hub for the Singapore family caregiver, the continual support from you – the public and private service providers and the community at large – is indispensable to our sustainable development.  We look forward to your participation in our sponsorship programmes and resource contributions.

The Founder


Mr. Seow Khiam Hong is the Founder & Chief Resource Officer of HealthNetCafe – Online Caregivers’ Resources.  He initiated the social enterprise in 2008 with the primarily intention to classify and list relevant services for the Singapore family caregiver on a website (www.healthnetcafe.sg).  Today, the website has extended its services to supporting the work of many organisations directly attending to the healthcare needs of the local community.  It also supports national healthcare campaigns and promotes healthy living, through informative web banners and publishing healthcare articles online.


Being a registered nurse, Mr. Seow has accumulated years of expertise and experience from working as an advisor to patients and their family caregivers.  Over the years of developing the HealthNetCafe website, he has been working with various healthcare institutions and voluntary welfare organisations in Singapore to secure their support and participation.  His goal is to engage the community (of service providers from the public and private sectors, healthcare professionals, patients and their caregivers) to achieve greater synergy of efforts in delivering holistic healthcare services.  While creating new information initiatives on the HealthNetCafe website, Mr. Seow remains focused on the needs of family caregivers and persons needing care.




Founder & Chief Resource Officer


Online Caregivers’ Resources


Mr. Seow holds a Master’s degree with honors in Health Science Management from the University of Sydney, Australia.  As a healthcare professional, he has contributed to clinical research and clinical service quality projects.  He was an adjunct lecturer with the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University, Australia, and had taught courses under its Bachelor of Nursing Degree Programme in Singapore.  Mr. Seow is currently a lecturer for an ITE Skills Certificate course in Home Care.  Passionate about public health education, he has been giving healthcare talks and caregiver trainings for the community at large.

Committed to serving the healthcare needs of the community, Mr. Seow is continually exploring new opportunities to support family caregiving programmes and provide assistance to the disadvantaged in Singapore.