Advertising Rules and Regulations


We apply the following rules and regulations when adding new sponsors' advertisements:


The presence of an advertisement on our website does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product.  Advertisers and sponsors must not make unsubstantiated claims or suggestions that we have endorsed a product or service.


We reserve the rights to refuse any advertisement that we believe is incompatible with our mission.


A distinct separation between commercial advertising content and editorial content is maintained.  Advertisements by Google is labeled as ADS BY GOOGLE; advertisement banner runs by our sponsor is labeled as SPONSOR'S ADVERTISEMENT.


Only one sponsor's advertisement banner is allowed in a web page.


Advertisement duration is measured in weeks, beginning from Monday 0900hrs to the following Monday 0600hrs, Singapore time.


Hyperlink on sponsor's banner must lead to a relevant website.


Sponsor's advertisement banners are placed on the top right-hand-side of the web page.


As the contents of our website are regularly reviewed, we may add or remove web pages without prior notice.


Payment for sponsor's advertisement must be in cheque and made as soon as the service is delivered.



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For further enquiries on sponsor's advertisement, please e-mail us at