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General:  Assist in Elimination



Elimination refers to the excretion of urine and faeces.  If your assistance is required, be tactful because the
person may be very embarrassed to accept your help.  Never show embarrassment, impatience or reluctance because your help means a lot to someone who needs to lay hands on.  What you need to keep in mind is to respect the person's privacy and to be sensitive in your handling, even if the person is unconscious.
Tips on Helping a Person in Elimination


Assess how able is the person to cope with his own excretions.


Find out the person usual eliminating habits as most people have some kind of routine.


When using commode/bedpan or urinal, cover a blanket over the person's lap to reduce embarrassment.


Toilet paper should be place within reach if the person can manage himself in the room.


Stay with the person if he is weak and confused to prevent fall hazards.


For person who can help himself, leave the room but remain within call.


Discourage the person to latch the door for safety reasons.


If the person is incontinent, it is important that he is cleaned up promptly for comfort and hygiene to avoid embarrassment to the person.


Allow the person to wash hands after elimination.



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