Day-to-Day Care


General:  Keeping Your Care Recipient Occupies


Remember that a prolonged stay in bed is very boring.  Your company means a lot to the person.  You can offer reassurance to someone who is anxious, and do make time to read to him.  If the person is well enough to appreciate the radio, books, telephone, newspaper, or other entertainment, try to provide them. However, do exercise your judgment because one gets tire more easily when he is sick, and periods of rest are just as essential as stimulation.


If your care recipient is an elderly living alone, be it your neighbour or relative, you may like to refer him to the befrienders.  Befrienders provide regular home visiting and also plan recreational activities for their beneficiaries on ad-hoc basis.  Click here to find out the Voluntary Welfare Organisations that provide befrienders home visiting services in Singapore.


In addition, there are also many Activity Centres in Singapore where your loved one, if his health condition allows, can spend time meaningfully. These centres provide a wide array of activities such as exercises, games, and handicraft which are useful to the person psycho-emotional support.  Click here for a list of Activity Centres operates by the Voluntary Welfare Organisations in Singapore.


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