Day-to-Day Care


Home Treatment:  Pressure Sore


Pressure sores are serious injuries and they need to be properly cared for.  If you notice a pressure sore on the person, please consult your healthcare professional immediately.  Once a sore develops, it is often very slow to heal and hence special care is required to prevent further deterioration.  Untreated pressure sore can become deep (ulcerate) and extend into the underlying muscle, gangrenous or seriously infected.


Your Responsibility in the Treatment of Pressure Sore


Make sure that the prescribed medication is taken and the whole course is duly completed.

Change the wound's dressing as instructed by your healthcare professionals.  If the dressing is done by nurses' home visit, keep a schedule of the appointments.

Instruct or assist the person to change his position in bed at least every 2 hourly, avoid lying on the sore areas.

Monitor the person closely and report signs and symptoms of infection, such as elevated body temperature, redness and warmth around the broken area, and unusual discharges from the site.  If the wound is covered by a dressing, check that it is not heavily stained with discharges. Consult your healthcare professionals if you observed any changes.

Provide a balance diet with enough calories, protein and other nutrients to promote wound healing.  If the person has diet restriction, consult your healthcare professional for advice about a healthy diet.

Increase activity as allowed.  This would help to improve blood circulation which promote healing..