Day-to-Day Care


Home Treatment:  Wound Care


You may need to attend to simple wound as instructed by your healthcare professionals.  More complicated wounds are usually managed by outpatient appointment or through nurses' home visit, depending on the person condition.


Some Insights of Wound Care


Before you remove a soiled dressing to clean the wound, turn off fan to prevent dust from settling on the exposed wound.


Always wash and dry your hands with clean towel before you handle the wound.  Please refer to Hand Washing for tips on basic hand washing.


Sterile technique is required in certain wounds' management.  Follow the instructions given by your healthcare professionals.


Wash and dry your hands again after you have removed the soiled dressing.


Put on mask and sterile gloves as per advice by your healthcare professionals.  Please refer to Use of Personal Protective Equipment for details.


Keep talking to a minimum while the wound is exposed to avoid breathing over it.


To prevent contamination, never cough or sneeze over an wound.


Clean the wound from the clean to the less clean area to reduce the risk of contamination.


If the condition of a wound causes concern, consult your doctor.