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Gallery of Homecare Items

This gallery provides a pictorial guide to some commonly used homecare items and appliances.  Through this guide, we hope to create awareness of their availability in the market.  Note that a “similar” product may come with different designs and features and you are advised to check with your suppliers before buying.


Below is a list of classified home use items for your easy viewing:


Bath & Toilet

Eating & Drinking

Daily Living Aids

Medical Equipment

Rest & Sleep

Monitoring Devices

Mobility Aids & Accessories

Physio & Exercise Equipment

Transfer Equipment

Medication Aids




Note: HealthNetCafe is not a commercial dealer of homecare equipment and does not handle inquiries pertaining to the purchase, sales, and services of products listed on this web page.  Please direct all queries to the suppliers.  Click here for a list of homecare suppliers in Singapore.



Bath & Toilet

Male Urinal 

A translucent lightweight bottle with lid and carry handle for bedside use.


Female Urinal

Anatomically designed to enable use when sitting, standing or lying.


Saddle-shaped receptacle provide toileting comfort for bedridden person.

Slipper Bedpan

Bedpan with tapered front for easy positioning under the body.


Happy Pee

A children's portable urinal suitable for both boys and girls.



Detachable armrests provide easy transfer from bed to commode.

Self propelling Commode

Self propelled commode promotes independence in toileting and showering.

Folding Commode

Ideal bedside commode that can be folded and transported easily.


Commode Chair

A great looking bedside armchair with a hidden potty commode under the seat.


Wooden Commode Chair

Bedside toileting option with a compact, furniture-like design.

Mobile Seating Commode

Portable plastic commode seat is light and easy for cleaning.

Toilet Safety Rails

Adjustable toilet safety rails make it safer and easier to get on and off the toilet

Foldable Grab with Leg

A wall mounted fold away grab rail with a non slip rubber tip supporting leg.


Commode & Shower Chair

A mobile commode and shower chair for people with limited mobility.

Mobile Shower Chair

Provide transport for people with limited mobility to toilet and shower areas.

Bath Bench

Adjustable shower seat with easy-to-grip handles for security.

Wall-Mounted Shower Seat

A safe and comfortable shower seat that can be folded up to save space.


Pressure Relief Cushion

Commode cushion provide comfort and maximum pressure relief.

Shower Thermal Sensor

Self-powered with three-color water temperature indication and warning

Bathroom Faucet

Easy-to-move lever handles ideal for people with arthritis of the hand.

Shower Slippers

Quick dry and non-skid rubber bottom enables good grip to wet floors.


Anti-Slip Floor Stickers

The small grit texture on its surface provides excellent anti-slip performance.

Non-Slip Floor Solution

No more slippery floor with this non-slip floor treatment chemical solution.

Body Washer

Ergonomic handle helps people with limited reach to bathe independently.

Back Washer

Enable people with limited arm movement to wash hard-to-reach areas.


Hair Washer

Allows hair wash without putting strain on hands, shoulders, or arms.

Shampoo Basin (Inflatable)

Inflatable shampoo basin is designed to make washing hair easier whilst in bed.


Shampoo Tray

Tray with drainage prevents overflow of water when washing hair in bed.

Shampoo Tray

Designed to help individuals in wheelchairs to shampoo their hair.


Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap

Simply warm the cap, place on head covering all hair, massage and discard.

 Adult Wipes

The pre-moistened adult wipes are good for cleaning and basic skin care.


Disposable Oral Swab

Moistens, cleans and refreshes oral cavity with soft and secure foam heads.

Incontinence Sheet

Disposable incontinence sheet protects bed and chair from getting wet or soiled.


Washable Underpad

Washable and reusable; absorbent and waterproof. Great for bedwetting.

Washable Chair Pad

Portable and lightweight for use in car, dining and wheelchair.

Bed Wetting Alarm

Used on beds and chairs to detect adult incontinence or children's bedwetting.

Incontinence Pants

Unisex washable waterproof incontinence pants for extra protection against leakage.



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Eating & Drinking

Light Combination Cutlery

Thick and light handles are kind to the joints and relieve the strain on the fingers.


Ergonomic knives

Ergonomic knives suitable for people with limited hand or wrist movement.

Special Needs Cutlery

Ergonomic design suitable for people with limited hand or wrist movement.

Clothespin Chopsticks

The retractable mechanism provides easy grasp for people with weak hands.

Plate with Gentle Slope

Raised edge helps scoop up food without spilling it over the side.


Drinking Mug

Mug with two easy-grasp handles and secure lid to prevent leakage.

Non-Spill Cups

Transparent leak-proof cup seals between sips, hence no spills.

Nose Cut Out Beaker

Perfect for people who choke easily or with neck injuries.

Doidy Cup

The slant of the cup enables easy drinking and contents to be seen.


Teapot Feeder

Feeding cup with partially covered front helps prevent spills.

Food Thickener

Thicken the consistency of liquid foods for people with swallowing problems.


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Daily Living Aids

Button Hook & Zip Pull

Zip and button with the convenient button hook zipper pull combo.


 Tap Turner

Strong moulded turners simply hook and make tap easy to turn.

Plug with Handle

Looped handle improves leverage for those with poor grip.

Key Turners

Curved built in handle provides an easy grip and good leverage for turning.

Jar Opener

Rubber cone shaped  design give good grip for opening twist-off jar lids.



Designed to enable people with poor grip to control and hold a range of implements.

Y-shaped Pen

The Y shape of the pen provides a crutch for your finger to rest in.


Provides easy reach for those with restricted reach and/or mobility problems.

Curly Elastic Shoe Laces

Ideal for people who find it difficult to bend and tie a normal lace.


Leg Lifter

Designed to assist people in lifting their leg on or off a wheelchair or bed.


Sock & Stocking Aid

Flexible aid with loop handles help people with trouble reaching their toes.

Safety Vest

For fall prevention or those requiring a restraint to assist with medical treatment.

Desk Call Bell

A great attention getting desk call bell suitable for home use.


Jug Kettle Tipper

An innovative kettle tipper that suit most cordless kettles.


 Reading Stand

Holds book open in a variety of comfortable reading positions.

 Stand Magnifying Glass

Mini adjustable angle magnifier on stand suitable for table top use.

 Magnifying Nail Clipper

Magnifier design is suitable for the elderly and people with low eyesight.


 Telephone Amplifier

This telephone amplifier increases and controls the caller's volume.

 Universal Remote

Large TV remote control buttons and bold easy to read lighted characters.


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Medical Equipment

Compressor Nebulizer

Portable compressor nebulizer is an ideal product for home use.


Mucus Suction Pump

Portable electric mucus suction pump is ideal for homecare.

Portable Oxygen

Lightweight therapy unit provides oxygen while away from a power source.

Oxygen Concentrator

An electric device that provides oxygen therapy to a patient at home.

Air Purifier

Air purifier cleans and filters air, hence improving indoor air quality.





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Rest & Sleep

 Adjustable Backrest

Adjustable back rest can be set to different angles to deliver optimum comfort.


Geriatric Chair

A comfortable chair with flip tray and positioning from full recline to upright.

Ripple Mattress

Made up of individual cell tubes that alternately inflates to reduces pressure.

Lateral Turning Air Mattress

Provides lateral rotation and pressure redistribution for those who are immobile.

Spenco Mattress

Designs to cushion and protect all pressure-prone areas of the body.


 Mosaic Cushion

Cushion provides basic level of skin protection, support and comfort.

Foam Wedge Pillow

Multipurpose wedge pillow can be used to elevate a person's head or as backrest.

Positioning Bed Wedge

Lateral bed wedge provides positioning support and comfort in a user’s bed.

Half Roll Foam Pillow

Perfect for elevating ankles or use under knees to ease lower back strain.


Heel & Elbow Protector

Provides cushion to the affected joint or bony prominence.


Adjustable Blanket Cradle

The cradle prevents contact between bedding and the user’s body.

Bed Rail

Adjustable bedside rail provides safety and support for elderly.

Trapeze Bar

Overhead trapeze attaches to the bed’s headboard for those who need assistance.


Bed Raisers

Elevated height prevents caregivers from bending and straining their backs.

Bed (Manual)

Adjustable manual bed with side rails and wheels for hospital or home use.

Motorised Bed

Build-in control panels are easy to operate for both the user and caregivers.

Overbed Table

A tubular frame work with four twin wheels provides a great working space in bed.


Overbed Table

The table allows users to carry out their daily activities while sitting up in a bed.


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Monitoring Devices

Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital device that monitors blood pressure levels along with the pulse rate.


Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital blood pressure monitor worn on the wrist and is perfect for travel.


An easy to use device for testing of blood glucose at home.

Body Fat Calculator

A pocket-sized monitor measures your body fat percentage conveniently.

Infrared Ear Thermometer

Digital ear thermometer with soft operation keys and beeper function.


 Cardiac Monitor

ECG device intended for home and self use outside of hospitals.

 Finger Pulse Oximeter

A portable device for measuring the oxygen content of blood.

Pulse Oximeter with Printer

Finger oximeter with built-in printer for immediate hard-copy summated results.

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Mobility Aids & Accessories

 Adjustable Walking Stick

Has a comfortable grip ideal for those who need gentle palm support.


 Foldable Walking Stick

A lightweight walking stick that folds neatly away when not being used.

Quadruped Walking Aid

Adjustable walking stick with broader base provides maximum stability.

Quadruped Walking Aid

A lightweight adjustable walking stick with four legs but a narrower base.

Tripod Seat Cane

A walking cane and seat which allows user to take a rest in between walks.


Cane Umbrella

A very sturdy umbrella designed to be used as a walking stick.

Elbow Crutch

A mobility aids to assist with balance, take pressure off the legs when walking.

Aluminium Walking Frame

Lightweight walking frame with adjustable height, ideal for home use.

Adjustable Folding Frame

This frame can be folded neatly for  transportation and storage.


Forearm Walker

Ideal for those who have limited grip strength or who suffer from painful joints.



A walker with a removable basket promotes greater independence.

Folding Rollator

It has height adjustable frame and is easily folded for transportation or storage.

Tri-Wheel Walker

Three wheeled walker with swivel front wheel and lock down brakes.


Rollator Wheelchair

Rollator that can be easily  transform to a wheelchair at a flick of the wrist.

Lightweight Wheelchair

A lightweight comfortable wheelchair with swing-away footrest.


Detachable Wheelchair

Foldable wheelchair with detachable armrests and footrests.

Travel Wheelchair

A lightweight wheelchair with seat belt and is easily folded for transport.

Power Wheelchair

Motorised wheelchair useful for those unable to propel a manual wheelchair.


Attendant-Control Power Wheelchair

Provides caregiver an effortless transit of patient.


Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooter is a vehicle designed to enhance the mobility of disabled persons.

 Foldable Electric Scooter

Portable and can be checked into aeroplane for overseas travelling.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp

Lightweight and foldable ramp conveniently load  wheelchairs onto curbs.


Stair Climber

Stair climber transports all types of manual wheelchairs over staircases.


Wheelchair Tray

The straps secured tray is a great accessory for any wheelchair user.

Non-skid Slippers

A non-slip sole is made from latex-free rubber that offers grip to mobile users.








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Physio & Exercise Equipment

Bed Rope Ladder

Assist the users to pull themselves upright into a sitting position.


 Exercise Pulley Set

Great for home physical therapy of the shoulder, arm and upper body.

Pedal Exerciser

An ideal home pedal exerciser for the hands and legs.

Motorised Pedal Exerciser

Motorised pedal provides gentle exercise for the hands and legs

Trapeze Bar

An exercise bar attaches to bed for users to regain upper body strength.


Massage Balls

Roll the massage ball under the feet for an utmost relief of muscle soreness.

Leg Lifter

This lifter provides a simple way to assist one to lift and exercise his leg.

Respiratory Exerciser

Tri-ball exerciser restores normal respiration after a chest or abdominal surgery.

Cold Hot Pack

Reusable cold and hot pack helps reduce pain and muscle spasm.





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Transfer Equipment

Transfer Belt 

The belt has handgrips for helper to support, lift or transfer the person easily.


Power Patient Lifter

It allows transfer of heavy persons while decreasing stress on caregivers.

Stair Lift

A mechanical device that lifts the user up and down the stairs.

Uplift Seat Assist

A self-powered lifting seat that helps individuals to sit and stand from their chairs.

Transfer Board

The board assists a person to transfer between two surfaces safely.


Curved Transfer Board

The curved board is designed to assist a person in seated transfers.

Sliding Sheet

Make of low friction qualities nylon to assist sliding and transferring a person.


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Medication Aids

Pill Crusher

Screw action crushes uncoated tablets into fine powder.


Pill Cutter 

The cutter splits most tablets evenly in half or into quarters.

Pill Cutter with Magnifier

The magnifier provides a clear view of exactly where you are cutting a tablet.

Pill Organiser

Easy-to-open compartments with hinged lids and is ideal for home or travel.

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Dressing Pack

A sterile disposable basic dressing set for cleansing wound.


First Aid Box

A well-stocked first aid box keeps items within easy reach during emergency.

Kidney Dish

Used as an receptacle for receiving soiled dressings and other medical waste.

Sputum Mug

Stainless steel mug with cover used as a receptacle to contain sputum.

Protective Sheet

Disposable sheet for general usage to protect areas from getting wet or soiled.





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