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Caregivers Training Grant

The Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) is administered by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), a public sector in Singapore that oversees, coordinates and facilitates care integration.

About the Grant

CTG provides a training fee subsidy for family caregivers to attend courses and learn caregiving skills that can help better care for their loved ones at home.  The grant is capped at $200 per financial year (April to March) for each family member needing care (homecare recipient).  It must be utilised for training courses that are completed no later than 15 March within each financial year.
Details of the grant are given below.

To be eligible for CTG, the homecare recipient must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, and is an elderly (aged 65 and above) or someone with disabilities.  Family members or foreign domestic workers can utilise the grant to subsidise their training needs.  No income limit is required to qualify for the grant.
Eligible caregivers will receive the grant in the form of training fee subsidy when they attend courses conducted by AIC’s pre-approved training providers.  Please click here for a list of courses and training providers (note that some courses are not applicable to CTG).

While CTG subsidies the training fees, the scheme requires caregivers to co-pay a sum of $10 to the training provider when they register for courses under CTG.  This policy is to encourage actual utilisation of the learning opportunities provided by this grant.

To apply for CTG, simply complete and submit the application form to your training provider of the course along with the course registration.  Note that the form must be submitted to your training provider at least 2 weeks before the course begins.  Your training provider will give you the application form to fill out, and will submit the CTG application form for you.
This page is last updated on 01 May 2017

Source: Singapore Silver Pages


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