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If rendering full-time care to your loved one at home is not possible, Day-Care Centres may be the solution. These centres provide interactive environments through well structured activities which are helpful to the physical and emotional needs of the care recipients.
Some organisations also provide few hours of rehabilitative therapy programme for clients who do not require full day stay in the centres.

Companies with day-care centre services in Singapore:


Caregiver Asia

51 Goldhill Plaza, #08-05,

Singapore 308900

Tel:  6258 6683
Website:  www.caregiverasia.com

CareLink Home Nursing Services

9, Lorong 26 Geylang, #08-12,

Singapore 398484

Tel: 8189 3718
Website: www.carelink.sg

ECON Healthcare Group (Head Office)

160 Changi Road, Hexacube, #05-13,

Singapore 419728

Tel: 6226 1188

Website:  www.econhealthcare.sg


Irene Nursing Home

11 Jalan Ampas
Singapore 329514
Tel:  6254 4085

Website:  www.elderlynursing.com


Orange Valley Nursing Homes

2 International Business Park,

The Strategy, Tower One, #10-11,

Singapore 609930
Tel:  6499 4699
Website:  www.orangevalley.sg


Serene Nursing Home
31 Joo Chiat Lane
Singapore 428101 

Tel:  6348 1482
Website:  www.elderlynursing.com

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Click here for a list of Voluntary Welfare Organisations with day-care centre services in Singapore.