Other Home Attendants


In-Home Massage and Reflexology


As the name implies, this is a home to home massage and reflexology services by trained therapists.


Companies with in-home massage and reflexology services in Singapore:


A3 International Assists
No. 7 Keppel Road, #03-39,
Tanjong Pagar Complex,
Singapore 089053
Tel:  6272 6018 (24-Hour)


Heng-Gref Worldwide Emergency Medical Assistance

No. 5001 Beach Road, #03-61C,

Golden Mile Complex,

Singapore 199588
Tel:  6273 0147 (24-Hour)

Website:  www.heng-gref.com


11 New Bridge Road, #03-01,
Singapore 059383

Tel:  6100 0055
Website: www.homage.sg


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