Knee Osteoarthritis Improvement Group (KOI)


Inliven Center for Osteoarthritis Solutions is a medical center that offers a comprehensive range of non-surgical, proven treatment solutions for people living with osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee and we are happy and proud to announce the setting up of a Support Group for Knee Osteoarthritis patients and their caregivers.
Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of knee pain and the pain can often be felt when you bend your knees, walk up and down stairs, or even when you're resting.
Knee osteoarthritis is irreversible, and it is thus important to know more about the disease so we can take better care of ourselves and stop it from progressing further.
The purpose of our Knee Osteoarthritis Improvement (KOI) Group is to provide a platform for patients and caregivers to gain knowledge about knee osteoarthritis, acquire the skills necessary to cope and deal with the disease and share information, feelings and goals with others in a similar situation.
KOI is entirely voluntary and the support group is facilitated by our Inliven Team and most importantly by patients and caregivers.
KOI aims to meet up once in two months.  Meetings are free and will be held over informal tea or lunch sessions.
For further information on how to join KOI or recommend your friend, family member or patient, please call 6397 7190.

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