Insights of Caregiving


Insights of Caregiving is a collection of stories and messages from caregivers and care recipients perspectives.  Through this heartwarming sharing session, we hope to inspire and encourage caregivers and promote better understanding of the people being cared for.


Table of Contents: 


Taking Care of My Mum   Written by: Cixin

Wisdom ABCs   Shared by: Patrick

The Journey of a Caregiver   Written by: Kan See Mun

Parents’ Wish – To Our Dear Child   Shared by: Manogary

A Poem on Being 'Elderly'   Shared by: Tan Sok Eng

Mother   Shared by: Terence Lee

My One Eye Mum   Shared by: Terence Lee

Quality of Life as a Caregiver   Written by: Foo Soon Leng

Parents - A Touching Story   Shared by: Terence Lee

Attitude is Everything   Shared by: Terence Lee

Coffee or Cup?   Shared by: Terence Lee

The Apple Tree and Me   Shared by: Terence Lee

When I am old   Shared by:  Awareness Place

The Joy of Getting Old   Shared by: Terence Lee

The Wise Old Man   Shared by: Terence Lee

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