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When I am Old . . . 

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When I am old, I am no longer the same me.

Please understand my needs and be more patient with me.
When I spill soup over my clothes or when I forget how to tie my shoelaces,

Please remember how I had taught you all these before.

When I keep repeating what you already know too well,

Please listen patiently and do not interrupt me.

When you were young, I had to keep repeating the same story countless times till you fell asleep.

When I need you to assist me in bathing,

Please do not blame me.

Do you still remember how I thought of all ways to get you to shower when you were young?
When I am ignorant of all the new technologies,

Please do not laugh at me.

Think about how I had patiently answered your every ‘why’ in the past.
When my legs can no longer support the weight of my body,

Please help me to walk with your strong arms.

Just like how I had supported you before in learning how to walk.
When I forget the topic in our conversation,

Please give me a little more time to recall.

Frankly, what we talk about is of no importance,

I am already grateful just with you by my side listening to me.

When you see me getting older and frailer, please do not feel sad.

Understand me and give me your full support,

Just like what I did when you first learn to live your life.
In the past, I put you safely on life’s journey.

Now, please accompany me to the very end.

Accord me with all your love and patience and I will repay you with a smile,

A gratitude-filled smile representing my eternal and limitless love for you.


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