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List of Homecare Items

The list is long and very much depends on the nature of illness and level of care required.  Ask your healthcare professionals to provide you the list if you are not sure of what is required.  Be informed that one product is usually available in the market in various brands and with different features.  Discuss with your suppliers to help you decide which to buy. 


Below is a checklist for some common items:




Alcohol swabs

Used as an antiseptic cleaner on skin and for wiping equipment.


For passing motion in bed.


Necessary for persons who are able to get out of bed but are unable or unwilling to go as far as the toilet.

Cotton balls / Gauze

For cleansing as in oral care, around the eyes, and wetting the lips.

Cotton wool roll / Wipes

Cleansing after excretion.


Use for person with bowel or urine incontinence.

Disposable gloves

Protect your hands from contamination.

Disposable masks

To prevent the dispersal of droplets from the wearer into the environment and to the person being care for.


To hold cotton ball/gauze as in oral care for person that cannot have his mouth wash in the usual manner.

Incopad / Incontinence sheet

Protect bed sheet from getting soiled.

Kidney dish

A receptacle available in various sizes for general usage, example to collect vomitus.

Measuring jug

To measure amount of liquid.

Mouth gargle

Freshen the mouth.

Note book

Record appointments and chart observations such as blood pressure, sugar level or any abnormalities.

Plastic bags

For disposing waste.


Listen to heart beats, breath, and bowel sound.


Measure blood pressure.

Sputum mug

A receptacle to collect sputum.


Check body temperature

Tissue paper

General usage.


For males who are unwell to go as far as the toilet to pass urine.


* Click here for a pictorial guide of homecare items.


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