Home Preparation


The Care Recipient’s Needs

Understanding the care recipient' needs is an important part of home preparation. Below are some key points that may be useful in your planning.


Most people prefer to be looked after in their own bedroom.  Shifting is only necessary if the room is not conducive for the person to be nursed in.


If you need to reorganise the room, do take into account of the care recipient's wishes so that the results are acceptable to him.  Always keep in mind that whatever you do is only in the person's interests, not simply for your own convenience.


Know your care recipient level of disabilities and types of care required so that you can get ready the equipment and supplies.  Ask your healthcare professionals to provide you the list if you are not sure of what to get.  Click here for a checklist of common items.


Plan your care in advance.  Work with your healthcare professionals to customise a time-table for the person needing care.  Some common activities like medication, physiotherapy, and feeding etc should be included in you schedule.